About Us

We also offer some great deals for happy hour. If you are on your lunch break or have been craving our delightful food throughout your work day, stop in and take advantage of our inexpensive happy hour prices and great eats. You'd better hurry because happy hour doesn't last for long!

Our margaritas can be described as nothing less than 'the bomb.' Once you've tasted the refreshing taste of one of ours, we're confident that you'll never want anything else. One of ours is the icing on the cake that will top off one of our delectable meals.
You and our loyal customers truly complete this business and make it what it is. If it weren't for all of you, Tlacuani Mexican Restaurant Bar & Grill would not be nearly as successful as it is. Our strong reputation of the high-quality service we have is precious and we are proud to carry the best-quality foods to you.

Tlacuani Mexican Restaurant Bar & Grill has five local locations for your convenience, including Temple and Allentown. We are never far from you and we invite you to visit us soon, so hasta luego!